GreenPower launches new EV Star Utility

GreenPower, an American manufacturer of commercial EVs, has unveiled its latest all-electric stake bed truck called the EV Star Utility. The vehicle is built on the company’s EV Star cab and chassis and is designed for vocational applications.

Green Power writes that the EV Star Utility is built to maximize vehicle payload, featuring aluminium materials and electric vehicle technologies that lighten the load without compromising structural integrity. The small truck has a payload of up to 5,740 pounds, more than 14,300 pounds gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), up to 150 miles of range, and inverted aluminium “T” flooring to ensure a watertight, anti-skid, and washable interior.

GreenPower launched the EV Star platform in 2020 and has since sold it as a platform for bus, truck and vocational vehicle builders to place their bodies on. They also announced a collaboration with wireless charging system developer Momentum Dynamics in March 2020.

Today the commercial EV is described as a purpose-built, zero-emission cab and chassis with a battery pack of 118 kWh, which charges up to 19.2 kW on a standard Level 2 J1772 protocol or 60kW using a DC fast charge. The company has already released the EV Star Refrigerated Box Truck, designed to allow for more payload and extended range for transporting goods that require refrigeration.

The EV Star Utility is the second vehicle built on the EV Star, accommodating various mid and last-mile delivery needs. This version is built by Lion Truck Body, which specialises in vocational vehicles for landscaping, construction, agriculture, public works and more, all listed in GreenPower’s statement today.

The new van is available through GreenPower’s dealer network and is eligible for up to $40,000 in tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act. GreenPower adds its vehicles also qualify for the New Jersey ZIP program, which opened in April with funding of $90 million.

Claus Tritt, Vice President of Medium Duty and Commercial Sales, said: “With the EV Star Utility, we set out to create an all-electric vehicle that would quickly solve the supply and demand problem for the electric medium and heavy-duty vehicle market, which has traditionally been dominated by gas-guzzling, carbon-emitting vehicles.”

GreenPower is a Vancouver-based company with facilities in southern California. The company first came on our radar in 2014 when it launched its first electric bus using Siemens components. The EV350 model has since scored several sales in the US. However, in March 2022, GreenPower launched the Nano Beast: a purpose-built, battery-electric, Type A school bus utilizing the EV Star architecture.


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