Sainsbury’s adds 12 electric delivery vans in London

The UK-based supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has announced that it will be using a fully electric fleet to make customer deliveries at its Nine Elms London superstore.

The delivery fleet at the Nine Elms Sainsbury location is made up of 12 electric vans. The retailer furthers specifies that not only the vehicle’s drive systems are battery-electric, but also include the fridge units on the vehicles. The company writes that it makes over 2000 deliveries on average each week from its Nine Elms location, covering approximately 1760 miles.

The new electric delivery fleet is estimated to help to save 57 tonnes of carbon per year. Furthermore, Sainsbury has commited to transition its entire fleet to operating on battery-electric drives across all its stores by 2035.

“We’re thrilled to have launched a fully electric fleet in our Nine Elms superstore and we hope our customers will be delighted to learn that their groceries are being delivered with zero emissions, helping to reduce the environmental impact of their online shopping,” said Patrick Dunne, Director of Property & Procurement at Sainsbury’s, before reaffirming the company’s electrification targets: “This is just the first step for us, as we have committed to rolling out electric vans across the country to all our stores by 2035.”

The British supermarket chain had initially started attempting to lower its CO2 footprint in 2014, with plans to set up a H2 fuelling station at its Hendon store in north west London.


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