Spanish start-up Liux focuses on small EVs

As some carmakers want to go big, Liux is laying its focus on the smaller things. The Spanish EV startup has put plans for its debut model ‘Animal’ on ice and is looking to launch the significantly smaller ‘Geko’.

However, if this urban EV makes it to production remains to be seen. As Carscoops notes, all images on the company’s website are renderings, “suggesting that there is currently no physical prototype”. Nor has Liux announced a timeline or a target price for the Geko.

If the car does hit the road in the future, this micro-mobile could stand out. It is 2.7 metres long and 1.5 metres wide. That makes the EV as long as a Smart Fortwo, but 15 centimetres more narrow. The virtually unveiled Liux Geko is a 550-kilo L7-class two-seater. It comes with a rear-mounted electric engine with an output of 15 kW. Combined with a maximum speed of 100 kph and a 13 kWh battery pack, the tiny EV can go up 150 kilometres on one charge. According to the manufacturer, the Geko can be upgraded with further modules for more range. The modules can be easily exchanged and recharged outside the vehicle.

The Geko relies on lightweight materials, the monocoque and the body are made of a biocomposite of linen fibres and a bio-based resin. “Manufacturing the most sustainable cars means thinking about what both people and the planet really need: making room for electric, efficient, lightweight, and accessible cars that replace old, heavy, and inefficient gasoline vehicles”, the company writes on its website.

The Liux Animal, which seems to have been put on ice, was to be a compact class crossover. At the time of its presentation, it was said that the vehicle would be available in early 2024 at prices starting at €39,000 – the base model was to have 142 kW of power and a 46 kWh battery, and a top model with 179 kW and a 92 kWh battery for a range of up to 600 kilometres was also announced. The Animal was also to feature fewer individual parts and sustainable materials.,


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