Electrify America to build EV charging hubs in Utah

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Electrify Commercial has announced its partnership with Rocky Mountain Power, a division of PacificCorp, to deploy 20 EV charging hubs in Utah. They will install over 80 charging stations across 15 locations in the Salt Lake City area, along with five hubs in surrounding regions.

As part of the collaboration, Rocky Mountain Power will own the new charging stations, which will also be integrated into Electrify America’s “locate a charger” map. The background is that Electrify America is known to operate a public fast-charging network in the US but also provides turnkey charging solutions for third parties such as Rocky Mountain Power. Such deals are done through Electrify Commercial, which provides its usual services, including charging equipment, installation, networking, and ongoing operations and maintenance.

The collaboration represents a “unique opportunity” for companies like Rocky Mountain Power to own their charging stations while leveraging the expertise of Electrify America, so the company.

Each charging hub in Utah (Electrify America calls these “stations) will be equipped with a minimum of four chargers capable of delivering up to 350 kW speeds. Pricing for the charging sessions will be determined by Rocky Mountain Power, and customers can access and pay through the Electrify America app.

James Campbell, Director of Innovation and Sustainability at Rocky Mountain Power, highlighted the significance of accessible charging infrastructure in Utah, particularly Salt Lake City. He stated, “Salt Lake City is the top city in the US to own an electric vehicle, making it more important than ever to provide accessible charging in the region and other parts of Utah. Electrify Commercial will play an important role in helping us achieve our electrification goals and enable seamless EV travel throughout the state.”

The first charging stations resulting from this collaboration are anticipated to open in 2024 in Salt Lake City, the Wasatch Valley Front, and Moab.

Aaron Young, Senior Manager of Commercial Networks & Fleets at Electrify America, emphasized it was “important to expand access and range confidence in all parts of the country.”

Electrify America, which Volkswagen was ordered to establish for two billion dollars following the lawsuits surrounding the diesel emission fraud, has come to be known for building the largest open, DC-fast charging network in the United States. Since opening its first charging station in May 2018, the wholly-owned VW subsidiary has added over 3,500 charging points at 800 locations. The goal is to have 10,000 charging stations at 1,800 locations across North America by 2026.



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