California: Ford introduces flexible Mach-E lease for Uber drivers

Ford is introducing Ford Drive, a flexible leasing programme to help Uber drivers to switch to electric cars. So far, the offer is only available in some California cities.

Ford Drive allows Uber divers to lease a Mustang Mach-E in one- and four-month increments, depending on the location. The EVs are then delivered within two weeks, and drivers can use the Ford Drive app to manage payments and services. According to Ford, the first Ford Mustang Mach-E leased under the programme are already being delivered to Uber drivers in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Ford Drive was initially launched in San Diego last year, where more than 150 Mach-Es were leased through the programme. To ensure delivery times, Ford is working with local car dealers. The latter will also be in charge of service and maintenance of the vehicles.

“We understand uptime and ease of use are critical to every rideshare driver. As more of them make the switch to electric vehicles, we’re building the Ford Drive program around their unique needs,” said Bill Knapp, who leads Ford Drive. “We’re glad that the initial feedback on this venture has been so strong, and it’s exciting to learn from these driver experiences to explore solutions supporting Uber and Ford’s shared electrification goals.”

Uber has pledged to completely electrify its US and European fleets by 2030. Ford does not mention in its press release, how long the lease pilot will be available and it will be extended to other cities in the US.


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