Dürr acquires BBS Automation

The machinery and plant manufacturer Dürr announces the acquisition of the automation specialist BBS Automation at a price between 440 million and 480 million euros. Dürr intends to grow in the field of electromobility, among other things, in this way.

The transaction is expected to be completed in autumn 2023. The exact purchase price depends on the business result in 2023. The target is sales of around 300 million euros. And the company is on course for growth, according to the potential buyer. “Between €400 million and €450 million in sales and an EBITDA margin of 13-15% are expected for 2026,” the Dürr press release says.

BBS Automation, founded in 2013 and based in Garching near Munich, does 55% of its business with production systems for the automotive industry, primarily in the field of electromobility. Examples include electrical components, batteries and elements for brakes and lighting.

“Dürr’s automation business will benefit from better customer access, and efficient engineering and production capacities. There is further growth potential in the e-mobility business as well as in the medical technology and consumer goods sectors. The growth and planned synergies will lead to sales increases and profitability gains,” says Josef Wildgruber, founder of BBS Automation, who will also continue to manage the business within the Dürr Group.

Dürr had already acquired the automation experts Teamtechnik and Hekuma in 2021. Together with BBS, “the three companies should benefit from synergies and economies of scale”. In addition, Dürr says it wants to achieve its targeted increase in sales to 500 million euros by 2030 as early as 2024.



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