Eni to kick off with electric car-sharing in Rome

The Italian car-sharing provider Enjoy has added 100 electric cars to its fleet in Rome. This is a first for the company that otherwise only offered combustion engine models in the Italian capital, while electric cars have started populating the company’s fleets in other cities.

The new clean, quiet and non-polluting vehicles will be the XEV Yoyo model from the Italian start-up XEV with a range of around 150 kilometres and a speed limited to 80 km/h. The vehicles can be charged at normal charging stations but also have a swappable battery. According to the Eni release, some Eni service stations already offer battery swapping.

Enjoy is a car-sharing brand from Eni Sustainable Mobility and a free-floating offer. This means that the vehicles have no fixed parking spaces or stations but can be parked anywhere in the city. The provider charges the vehicles itself and promises that the vehicles always have a battery level of at least 30 per cent.

“Enjoy’s car-sharing service has been available in Rome for nine years. During this time, it has become an established service that is complementary to local public transport, facilitating mobility for citizens and contributing to making urban mobility more sustainable”, said Stefano Ballista, CEO of Eni Sustainable Mobility. “Eni Sustainable Mobility is contributing to the Net Zero by 2050 target set by Eni. Car sharing, now also electric, is part of the many solutions that are already available to contribute to the decarbonization of transport.”

Like the other cars in the Enjoy fleet, booking the small electric cars costs 29 cents a minute, plus a 1-euro start-up fee. Enjoy has a total of more than 3,000 vehicles on offer in Milan, Turin, Bologna, Florence and Rome.



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