Electrify America to offer Lyft drivers special charging rates

In the USA, Volkswagen-owned, fast-charging network Electrify America and the ride-hailing platform Lyft are extending their collaboration. The partners will provide drivers on Lyft utilizing electric vehicles with discounted charging at Electrify America stations across the USA.

The premium charging agreement offers active and eligible EV drivers on Lyft a tiered discount on Electrify America Pass pricing for DC Fast charging at all Electrify America stations.

The offer is essentially a loyalty benefit for Lyft Rewards drivers, so the more they drive, the more they save. Electrify America has enabled a DC fast charging discount to all active Lyft electric vehicle drivers and greater discounts for so-called Gold and Platinum drivers, both with tiered energy and time-based pricing.

Drivers wanting to use the discount need to obtain an enrollment code from Lyft to establish an Electrify America account to complete enrollment through the Electrify America mobile app. Of course, drivers can also use the app to find nearby charging stations, check charger availability, and navigate to the charging stations.

Lyft and Electrify America Electrify America collaborated in 2019 on power for Lyft’s Express Drive program through Electrify Ameria’s DC fast-charging network, which started in Denver, Colorado.



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