Vietnam: VinFast launches new EV models

The Vietnamese carmaker VinFast shows its three new electric cars – one small car and two SUVs. The manufacturer also adds new electric bike models to its portfolio.

Starting with the electric cars: VinFast presented the VF 3, VF 6 and VF 7 at its exhibition series “VinFast – For a Greener Future”. The VF 3 is a small EV designed for the Vietnamese market. In fact, with a length of just over 3 metres, it is the smallest car VinFast currently has on offer.

However, VinFast does not give any technical details and remains tight-lipped about the price. The VF 3 may be ordered soon, so details will surely follow. It is not clear when the larger models will go on sale.

The VF 6 and VF 7 are SUVs in the B and C segment. Details about these models have been known since the beginning of the year, when VinFast presented the electric cars at the CES in Las Vegas. The VF 6 is available in two variants with a 130 kW or a 150 kW electric motor. WLTP range is said to be 399 kilometres. The battery has a usable capacity of 59,6 kWh.

The VF 7 comes with the same 150 kW electric motor as the VF 6 or an all-wheel drive with an additional 110 kW. The battery capacity is 75,3 kWh, enabling the EV to go up to 450 kilometres on one charge.

There is also little known about the e-bikes on display. VinFast simply writes that they have “a dynamic and sporty design, available in a diverse range of colours.”


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