Swedish car dealer group launches Hedin Supercharge

Hedin Mobility, a Swedish car dealer group, established a subsidiary dedicated to fast charging. The Group wants Hedin Supercharge to become one of Sweden’s leading DC charging providers and set eyes on further expansion.

In its home market, Hedin Mobility Group has more than 120 dealerships. Abroad the network comprises more than 270 dealers in twelve countries, and Hedin has the ambition for “continuous European expansion and establishment of Hedin Supercharge”.

The Group has already found ten locations near Hedin dealerships to establish 47 charging points in Sweden starting in August. The charging stations will be available to any driver passing by and offer 300 kW power. Hedin plans to provide more information on the locations, payment methods and other details once the first installations have been commissioned and go live.

CEO of Hedin Supercharge is Erik Aspholmer, who will lead the investment in public DC charging and the work to expand AC charging for Hedin Mobility Group dealers in Sweden. Aspholmer joins Hedin from charging network operator Eways and has 20 years of experience in electrical installation and designing and constructing charging facilities.

In the eMobility world, Hedin is best known as a distributor for BYD in Germany, Sweden, and most recently, Lotus.



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