Bye-bye Twizy


After twelve years, Renault announces the end of production of its electric miniature vehicle for September 2023. That means – alongside the Zoe – another electric pioneer from the French company is leaving the street. But not for long.

The successor to the Renault Twizy, the Mobilize Duo, is already in the starting blocks. The concept remains similar, but the Duo is 20 centimetres longer and eight centimetres narrower than the Twizy.

Renault does not say in the press release whether the Twizy was a financial success. It was certainly an eye-catcher at its series premiere in 2010, in 2014 it was also seen in a Hollywood production and since 2016 it has also been on the road for the police in Bonn.

As of June 2023, the French have sold 33,340 units of the Twizy in 55 countries – the most important markets were France, Germany, South Korea and Italy. In Germany, around 6,000 units of the city runabout had been registered by June 2023. With the Mobilize Duo, which will also be offered on a subscription and long-term rental basis, Renault will certainly be targeting higher numbers.

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Tarlochan singh
17.07.2023 um 14:53
I need more its only electronic ya patrol to Automatic ya manual

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