Gridserve opens charging hub in Cornwall

Gridserve has opened its latest ‘Electric Super Hub’ in Cornwall with a new technology solution that combines the latest innovations in batteries and solar energy to supplement the existing grid connection to deliver ten times the charging power. Cornwall Services now hosts six 350kW-capable DC chargers, plus a further six 22kW-capable AC chargers for overnight guests at the onsite hotel. Using a combination of the existing 100kW grid connection, a lithium-ion battery, solar energy and the latest software developed by Gridserve Technologies, the two legacy 50kW chargers previously installed at the site have been replaced with the upgraded charging stations.

While the site is now operational with charging stations that can provide up to 350kW of power, it will be some time before the chargers will be providing full power. This is due to a testing and optimisation phase, which is still being worked through, and is expected to take several months. The 1MW SEC 1000 battery is monitored by Gridserve Technologies hardware and will use intelligent programming to manage its load and output. Gridserve further points out that its new solar canopy and 1MW battery solution can supplement the existing grid connection “to deliver ten times the charging power”.

Gridserve has also applied for planning permission to construct a 1 MWp solar farm to charge the vehicles with locally sourced energy to expand solar energy usage. “We hope the innovative technology we have deployed at this location can also become a blueprint for others, where larger grid connections will be too slow to deliver to keep up with the demand that the rapid transition to electric vehicles presents,” explained Gridserve CEO Toddington Harper. “Whilst we are still in the initial stages of the project, the Electric Super Hub has already proven itself through the Easter and early May Bank holidays charging over 100 cars a day during busy periods.”, (photovoltaic optimization)


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