Fire breaks out on Dutch car freighter

A fire broke out on the car freighter ‘Fremantle Highway’ off the Dutch coast, killing one person and injuring several others. The freighter had 2,857 cars on board, 25 of them electric.

While various media reports have claimed that the fire is said to have started from an electric car, there is no mention of this on the coast guard’s website. A spokesperson for the coast guard only told Reuters that the fire “started near an electric car”.

“The fire is most definitely still not controlled. It’s a very hard fire to extinguish, possibly because of the cargo the ship was transporting,” said Edwin Versteeg, the spokesperson for the Dutch Department of Waterways and Public Works. The International Maritime Organisation, which sets out regulations for safety at sea, now also plans to evaluate new measures for ships transporting electric vehicles next year in light of the growing number of fires on cargo ships, according to an organizational spokesperson.


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