Kempower is coming to Canada

Kempower has deployed its EV charging technology for the first time in Canada by the Electric Circuit, the largest EV charging network in Québec. The first installations with dynamic power sharing are already under construction.

The Kempower Satellite system has been distributed in the city of Rivière-du-Loup by Bornes Québec.

The satellite signifies Kempower’s dynamic power-sharing that allocates the maximum power available to each user based on the vehicle’s capacity. The original S-series came with air-cooled cables to deliver up to 400 kWh; in June 2022, Kempower released liquid-cooled satellite chargers for heavy-duty EVs.

In Québec, the first new charging stations will be found at the St. Hubert restaurant, a founding member of the Electric Circuit. Three dual charging outlets will share 500 kW of power dynamically distributed among connected vehicles. Each charging cable can deliver up to 300 kW of power.

“These new stations are a welcomed addition to the Electric Circuit since they’ll simplify the charging experience for our members and maximize the charging power,” said France Lampron, Head of the Electric Circuit.

Guy Lamarche, General Manager of Bornes Québec, added the charging stations were already proven to work in Finnish winter conditions. “The tried-and-tested technology is perfectly adapted to our climate and the diversity of electric vehicles on Québec’s roads.”

Originally from Finland, Kempower has been expanding. The company is building its first US facility in Durham County, North Carolina and aims to start producing DC chargers for electric vehicles before the year’s end.

“As our global reach expands and we enter new countries such as Canada, our commitment to reliability demands even greater responsibility,” said Kempower’s CEO Tomi Ristimäki. “Driving long distances is more common in North America than Europe, making charger reliability an even more pressing issue. By having a tried and tested system in place to ensure the reliability of our chargers, we can launch in Québec with the confidence that our chargers are fit to serve the province’s EV drivers.”

While NEVI funding requirements powerfully drove the company’s decision for a US plant, it is unclear whether the contract with the Electric Circuit benefits from government funds.

Canada released 30 million dollars this August to grow EV infrastructure, primarily in Quebec. Hydro Québec, which runs the Electric Circuit network, was among the chief beneficiaries and reportedly works to roll out 4,500 charging stations by 2028 in partnership with municipalities.


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