Environmentalist protesters torch Teslas in Frankfurt

Image: Tesla

Tesla electric cars were torched in a parking lot in Frankfurt on Tuesday night. Ten cars were destroyed and five others were damaged. The cause has been identified already as well: an anonymous letter of confession was published on an independent media portal associated with the German left-wing scene.

The Frankfurt fire department received a call at around 3:20 AM on Tuesday that a fire had erupted in a parking area. By the time the firefighters had arrived on scene, the blaze had spread to several cars. In other consequences, a nearby railway line had to be temporarily closed for about 30 minutes. By around 4:30 AM, the fire was extinguished and the first units had left the scene.

In their communication, the protest group singled out Tesla, among other manufacturers: “The corporation represents like no other the ideology of green capitalism and the ongoing global and colonial destruction. Electric motors are constantly presented as the clean alternative. This is a cynical lie. Like other corporations, Tesla exploits resources worldwide. The raw materials needed for the batteries of electric cars, such as lithium and cobalt, are mined in Latin America or Africa under lousy conditions. Despite the green credentials, fossil fuels are needed for transport and production.”

indymedia.org (statement, in German), insideevs.com


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