Audi fits Q4 e-tron with new electric motor

For the 2024 model year, the Audi Q4 e-tron will receive the new APP550 electric motor from VW, thus increasing power and torque while reducing consumption. The new model year also sees an update in terms of charging power.

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Audi is upgrading its Q4 e-tron electric model series for the 2024 model year. The Q4 e-tron, with both rear- and all-wheel drive, gets a “completely redeveloped permanently excited synchronous machine (PSM) [on the rear axle] notable for its higher efficiency and greater power.” Audi does not mention that this is the APP550 built by VW Group Components in Kassel, which was first introduced in the VW ID.7 and used in the ID.4/ID.5 shown at the IAA Mobility.

In Audi’s case, the Q4 45 e-tron with rear-wheel drive and its Sportback offshoot produce 210 kW and accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in 6.7 seconds. The top variants, the Audi Q4 55 e-tron quattro and the Q4 Sportback 55 e-tron quattro with 250 kW output, sprint from 0 to 100 kph in 5.4 seconds. The model with the longest range is the Q4 Sportback 45 e-tron, which now has a range of up to 562 kilometres in the WLTP cycle (previously: 528 kilometres).

What Audi also fails to mention, but connoisseurs may already have noticed: For the 2024 model year, the key figures of the drive variants and the range will also be adjusted. The base model (52 kWh), designated as the 35, was already dropped last autumn. The 150 kW rear-wheel drive model was called Q4 40 e-tron, and the number 45 was assigned to the 190 kW all-wheel drive model – which has now been dropped (for the time being). Since the top-of-the-line Q4 50 e-tron quattro with its previous 220 kW will now become the 250 kW Q4 55 e-tron quattro, the 50 is theoretically free again for another all-wheel-drive version – although there is not much room for a second all-wheel-drive model between the 210 and 250 kW versions.

The large battery with 77 kWh net capacity is installed in all variants of the Q4 e-tron (82 kWh gross). Thanks to optimised cell chemistry, the DC charging performance has improved. The all-wheel drive models now achieve a maximum DC charging power of 175 kW, and the rear-wheel drive variants a maximum of 135 kW. Under “ideal conditions”, fast charging from ten to 80 per cent should take around 28 minutes. However, Audi does not restrict this to one of the two battery variants. On the AC side, the 11 kW onboard charger remains.

Another new charging feature is that the vehicle automatically preconditions the battery during route guidance with planned charging stops. There will also be post-conditioning. Here, the vehicle’s thermal management system cools the battery further, for instance, if it exceeds a fixed temperature threshold after driving or charging. Audi does not mention the possibility of activating the battery heating manually.

In addition, the 2024 model year includes a retuned suspension (for both the standard suspension, sports suspension or suspension with damper control), new steering tuning and updates to the assistance systems (such as the assisted lane change in combination with the adaptive driving assistant for speeds above 90 kph on motorways).

The standard equipment has also been adapted. The navigation system and the 10.25-inch “Audi Virtual Cockpit” speedometer display are now part of the factory equipment, and the tailgate also opens and closes electrically. Heated front seats are standard, while heated rear seats remain an option at extra cost.

The order book for the updated models of the Q4 e-tron will open on 26 September, with prices starting at 52,950 euros. However, it is no longer a given that the Q4 will come from Zwickau: Audi’s MEB SUV will also be built at the Brussels plant from the end of the year. Only the Q8 e-tron and its Sportback offshoot are currently produced there.


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