Candela breaks nautical record with the C-8

The Swedish electric boat manufacturer Candela has claimed a new world record: Candela's C-8 electric hydrofoil covered a distance of 420 nautical miles (777 kilometres) within 24 hours.

Image: Candela

Candela thus managed to significantly beat the previous record, which stood at 79 nautical miles (146 km) in 20 hours. The new record run was conducted on a 20-nautical-mile loop between Stockholm Freeport and the island of Tynningö and was initiated primarily as a fast-charging demonstration.

After each lap, the Candela C-8 was given an intermediate DC charge. A DC charger from the company Plug was used for this and the mobile battery storage system Voltpack from Northvolt with a capacity of 281 kWh was used as the energy source. During the 24 hours, the C-8 was charged for a total of 313 minutes and received a total of 615 kWh of electrical energy.

The intermediate charges from about 13 per cent to 66 per cent SoC took about 18 minutes each, leaving the average charging speed at around 118 kW. Taking into account the charging breaks, the e-boat reached an average speed of just over 17 knots (31 kph), while during the journey the target speed was 27 knots (50 kph).


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