Ubitricity reaches 10,000 charging points

Ubitricity is already active in Germany, France and especially the UK. With its market entry in the Netherlands - and above all the takeover of existing charging points there - the Berlin-based company has now reached a major milestone.

Image: Ubitricity

Berlin-based charging infrastructure provider Ubitricity now operates more than 10,000 charging points. It reached the milestone in the Netherlands, where Ubitricity added around 1,500 existing AC charging points in the provinces of North Holland, Flevoland and Utrecht to its charging network when it entered the market in July 2023. The 10,000 charging points are thus not only self-installed chargers with Ubitricity hardware – but the majority use the Berlin-based company’s components.

With more than 7,000 public charging points, the UK is Ubitricity’s largest market. One thousand charging points are currently retrofitted into existing lampposts across several districts in Berlin, Ubitricity’s original business model. But only some of them are in operation, so the Ubitricity network will continue to grow. In the meantime, however, the company also offers free-standing charging points without reference to street lamps.

“However, Ubitricity is also supporting local authorities across the UK in the roll-out of AC fast and DC rapid charging points for public use,” the company writes in its media statement.

Ubitricity was founded with a focus on charging at street lamps. It has been part of Shell since 2021 and is responsible for the expansion of charging solutions in public spaces within the Mobility Division – i.e. far beyond the lampposts chargers. The Ubitricity team works closely with Shell and other partners to ensure reliable operation and expansion of public charging stations. For example, the appearance of the 10,000 charging points will be “physically and digitally” rebranded to Shell Recharge.



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