Rivian continues to increase production and deliveries

US electric car maker Rivian produced 16,304 vehicles and delivered 15,564 in the third quarter, further improving on the corresponding figures for the second quarter.

Image: Rivian Automotive

Compared to the figures from April to June (13,992 vehicles built and 12,640 delivered), this represents a growth of 16.5 per cent in production and 23 per cent in deliveries. These figures “continue to be in line with the company’s expectations”, the brief statement said.

Rivian does not mention details of the implemented changes to the production lines at its Normal, Illinois plant in the production and delivery numbers release. That usually follows in the investor letter on the third quarter results. The company plans to publish this on 7 November after the market closes.

Rivian is sticking to its target of producing 52,000 vehicles for the full year. Based on the year to date, this seems realistic, as Rivian has built 39,691 vehicles after three quarters. This means that 12,309 vehicles are still missing from the annual target – a figure that Rivian has exceeded in the past two quarters, in some cases by a considerable margin.


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