Watthub: TSG opens megawatt charging park for trucks and off-highway vehicles with Kempower

TSG Netherlands has opened the first WattHub, a "charging plaza" designed for electric trucks and off-highway vehicles. Powered exclusively by renewables, the site comes with Kempower hardware, delivering a total of 3.6 megawatts.

Situated in the Dutch province of Guelders, which borders on Germany in the East, the Watthub features six so-called Power Units pushing 600 kW and 36 Kempower Satellites, each capable of delivering between 25 and 400 kW to the vehicles.

Each 600 kW unit thus powers six charge points and divides the energy depending on occupancy. For this purpose, Kempower has provided its ChargEye Depot Master charging management software. This cloud-based system dynamically manages charging processes to avoid potential over-capacities while minimising costs.

Hard- and software aside, TSG signed responsible for what it considers the world’s largest fast-charging plaza for electric trucks and off-highway vehicles. The company says the chosen town of Geldermalsen is ideally located between Rotterdam and the highway to Germany, which made it a “perfect stop for electric truck drives in the years to come”.

TSG Netherlands installed the Kempower chargers and transformer stations and handled the associated electrical works at the site, which runs purely on wind and solar power.

Tommy van der Sluijs, Business Development Manager EV at TSG, called the construction of the first WattHub an “amazing achievement that we’ve completed together with Kempower. We’re very proud that we can use our decades of experience in (E-)Mobility to contribute to zero-emission in construction projects and heavy equipment charging.”

Kempower considers the development of WattHub a “crucial step” towards transitioning the construction industry to zero-emission technologies based on renewable energy.

TSG and Kempower also have a longer-standing cooperation agreement. In January 2023, the Finnish charging hardware manufacturer signed a non-exclusive distribution and service framework agreement with TSG. They aim to deliver charging solutions to 32 countries in Europe and Africa.



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