Genesis reveals pricing for the 2024 GV60 in the USA

Hyundai's subsidiary Genesis is introducing the new model year of the GV60 in the USA. With an improved range and growth for new state markets across the USA, Genesis is taking a more serious shot at the US market.

Image: Genesis

Genesis has announced US pricing and packaging for the 2024 model year of its GV60 electric crossover. The 2024 GV60 includes a new rear-wheel drive option, which adds up to 46 miles (or about 19% more) estimated range. The 2024 GV60 Standard RWD has an MSRP of $52,000, while the 2024 GV60 Advanced AWD variant starts at $60,550. The range tops out with the 2024 GV60 Performance AWD, which costs $69,550.

In terms of technical upgrades, the new GV60 has a higher range, compared to the previous version, allowing for a base range of up to 294 miles with the new 168kW rear electric motor.

The Hyundai subsidiary had initially presented the GV60 in 2021, when it was launched with a 77.4 kW battery, capable of charging with up to 350 kW. According to Genesis, this allowed for a maximum output of 168 kW and a maximum torque of 350 Nm, and a range of 451 kilometres (approximately 280 miles). There was also a four-wheel drive variant with a 160 kW engine for the rear and a 74 kW engine for the front, making for a total power of 234 kW, a maximum torque of 605 Nm and a maximum range of 400 kilometres.

This was underlined by Chief Operating Officer of Genesis Motor North America, Claudia Marquez: “At Genesis, the customer is at the center of every decision we make. We are pleased to bring more driving range to our popular GV60 model line, giving consumers even more flexibility.”

In addition to introducing the new model, Genesis Motor America announced plans to expand to 10 additional states with EV sales, and the opening of two new standalone retailers in California and Louisiana. As a result, Genesis EVs are on available for purchase in 33 states and the brand now has nine standalone retail facilities across the USA., (new branches)


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