Galway City: DPD switches to electric deliveries only

All 18 delivery vehicles servicing the Irish city are now electric. On line-haul routes, DPD Ireland still uses Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil - in other words, biofuels.

Image: DPD

CEP provider DPD Ireland has electrified its entire delivery fleet in Galway City, Ireland. All 18 delivery vans now run on electricity only, the company confirmed, saving an estimated 180 tonnes of CO2 each year.

“The reduction in emissions for Galway supports our commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040,” says Stephen Tummon, Sustainability Programme Manager at DPD Ireland.

DPD delivers approximately 650,000 parcels a year in Galway City.

For line-haul routes, meaning the transportation of heavier goods, the delivery company switched to biofuels in Ireland. In other countries like Switzerland, it already uses electric trucks or transports parcels via an electrified railroad route.


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