EVgo to set up 150 additional fast-chargers in three US states

The US fast-charging network received nearly 13 million dollars in funding to expand its infrastructure in California, Colorado and Pennsylvania. The money comes from national government programmes, as well as from utilities and state energy offices.

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EVgo has received 12.7 million dollars in preliminary awards “from a variety of funding sources across California, Colorado, and Pennsylvania.” The American CPO will use the money to install 150 additional fast-chargers across the US.

Some cash comes from the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) programme. According to EVgo, it and its eXtend partners have been selected for more than $4.3 million in NEVI awards – 1.5 million dollars from Colorado and 2.8 million dollars from Pennsylvania to set up 14 and 18 stalls in the US states, respectively.

In the state of California, “EVgo received a preliminary award of $4.3 million from the California Energy Commission’s Fast and Available Charging for All Californians (FAST) grant, which seeks to support infrastructure deployments for high mileage on-demand transportation services, car sharing enterprises, car rental agencies, and the public.” The remaining funds were awarded by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (2.9 million dollars) and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Public Access programme (1.1 million dollars).

“For well over a decade, EVgo’s partnerships with utilities, state governments, and other funding entities have been critical in accelerating our national network expansion,” says Sara Rafalson, Senior Vice President, Market Development, Public Policy and External Affairs at EVgo. “At this time of unprecedented public sector interest and investment in EV charging, we look forward to continuing to build upon our experience to capitalize on funding programs to fuel our growth and double down on our mission to build convenient, reliable, and accessible charging infrastructure for all EV drivers.”

The company recently received 13.8 million dollars in funding to deploy 20 fast-charging stations in the US state of Ohio. That money, too, came from the NEVI fund. Ans EVgo expects to receive another 5 million dollars minimum across the US in the coming years.



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