ALD Automotive and Leaseplan launch mobility brand Ayvens

ALD Automotive and Leaseplan have unveiled a new global mobility brand called Ayvens, which unites the two companies under a "common identity". The background is the acquisition of Leaseplan by former competitor ALD Automotive, which was completed this year.

ALD Automotive had completed the acquisition of its competitor Leaseplan in May, and since then the company has been operating under the name “ALD Automotive I LeasePlan”. The new appearance under the somewhat simpler Ayvens brand signifies “another strategic milestone in the development of the company after the strategic 3-year development plan was launched in September 2023”.

The new name does not seem to have any concrete meaning, at least the announcement does not mention any significance. Instead, it says it is “a catchy, simple name that indicates the path of progress”. The symbol preceding it in the new logo is meant to represent the merger of the previous companies as a team working towards a common goal, with a strong, stable foundation at the base and a shape flowing upwards as a symbol of progress and dynamism.

The merged Ayvens Group is poised to become “the leading global player in sustainable mobility”. With the world’s largest cross-brand electric car fleet and a total of 3.4 million vehicles under management, the combined Ayvens Group is poised to become the leading global player in sustainable mobility. In July, it announced the gradual procurement of around 7,500 new electric cars and 7,500 plug-in hybrids in Europe.

In Germany, the new brand is scheduled to be launched in late summer 2024. Until then, both companies will continue to operate under their well-known brand names ALD Automotive and LeasePlan.

“This new brand identity will not only allow our 15,700 employees to share a new common identity, but it also reflects how we are changing to accompany our clients’ needs for greater choice, freedom and value and will help us increase market and client awareness, as well as attract the very best talent around the world,” says Tim Albertsen, CEO of Ayvens, formerly ALD Automotive | LeasePlan.


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