Zero-emission work boat to clean up waterways

British boatbuilder MMS presents a new electric work boat. The Envirocat Eco 8.5, in its current layout, collects floating debris and can be adapted to other tasks such as aqua farming or harbour clean-ups as well.

Image: MMS Ship Repair

MMS claims similar vessels already collect flotsam and surface oil in harbours worldwide. The Envirocat Eco 8.5 (the numbers designate the length) may now help operators do so with zero emissions and is the first electric vessel by MMS.

The shipbuilder lists gathering weed and growth among other tasks and sees great use for fish farms since the small vessel holds up to 1.5 tons of cargo or up to 3m³ of waste. As for garbage collection, the Eco 8.5 gathers floating plastic and other debris while moving at up to seven knots (13 kph/ 8 mph). Based on UK electricity prices, the company claims that charging for an 8-hour working day costs no more than two pounds an hour. 

The actual price remains undisclosed. Technological details can only be found in the spec sheet. Two electric outboard motors deliver 6 kW each. The 48V 200AH battery specified equals 9.8 kWh; the boat carries six of those on board. MMS also names Rockabill Marine Design as a partner in developing the catamaran. The hull is made from marine-grade aluminium.

“The Envirocat All-Electric Eco 8.5 is the latest version of our popular Envirocat pollution control range and marks a significant milestone in our commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation,” said MMS Managing Director Rob Langton. We are proud to introduce a zero-emission vessel that not only helps clean our waterways but also supports the growth of eco-conscious industries like aquaculture without a hefty price tag.”

The shipyard in Hull, Yorkshire, promises short delivery times without going into further detail. Test drives can be arranged on-site.


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