Tesla kicks off sales of the new Model 3 in China

Tesla has now officially launched its redesigned Model 3 on the Chinese market. Deliveries of the "Highland" are scheduled to begin there this month - with delivery times between six and nine weeks.

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The facelifted Model 3, unveiled at the beginning of September, will start in China at prices starting at 259,900 yuan (the equivalent of around 34,300 euros) for the basic rear-wheel drive version and from 295,900 yuan (about 39,100 euros) for the all-wheel drive version. According to CN EV Post, this corresponds to Tesla’s pre-sale prices on 1 September. The new Model 3 is now officially available.

The starting price for the revised Model 3 is thus higher than for the previously available basic version of the electric sedan. The entry-level rear-wheel drive and performance versions with dual-motor all-wheel drive were previously offered in China from 231,900 and 331,900 yuan, respectively.

In return, the range of both models increases – from 556 to 606 kilometres for the entry-level rear-wheel drive version and from 675 to 713 kilometres for the performance Model-3 – according to the Chinese test cycle. For comparison, in Europe, Tesla is now talking about WTLP ranges of 554 and 678 kilometres, respectively.

While Tesla did not provide any information on the batteries when it presented the facelift in September, CN EV Post now mentions battery capacities of 60 or 78.4 kWh based on a vehicle catalogue maintained and disclosed by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). Already known in advance were the power ratings of 208 or 363 kW and a top speed limited to 201 kph – previously, it was 225 or 233 kph, respectively.

On the outside of the new edition, the front section, in particular, has been significantly revised, but also the design of the rear lights (the continuous LED strip at the rear, which was suspected in the meantime based on some prototypes, does not exist). Instead – as with the current Model S and Model X – the Tesla logo can be found at the rear.

The Model 3 Highland is 4.72 metres long, 2.09 metres wide with exterior mirrors and 1.44 metres high. Luggage space (presumably again in total with the frunk and sub-trunk, not just in the boot itself) is quoted at 682 litres. The Model 3 with rear-wheel drive weighs 1,765 kilograms, while the Long Range is 1,828 kilograms.

Tesla has also made various modifications to the interior. These include a new steering wheel, an additional eight-inch display in the rear, higher-quality materials and an improved sound system. There is also ambient lighting and ventilated seats. The changes to the steering wheel are worth mentioning: Tesla will also do away with steering column levers for the indicator and the future selection of the driving gear in the Model 3. Turn signals and headlights are operated via buttons on the steering wheel, as in the Model S/X – but a round steering wheel remains; the yoke is not offered. An acoustic glass is now fitted all around, so it should be noticeably quieter inside.

One day earlier, Tesla started selling the revised Model 3 in Ireland and the UK. There, the first units will be delivered to customers early next year.



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