Allego to build HPCs at Go’on service stations in Denmark

Allego will equip Go'on petrol stations in Denmark with fast charging points. Both companies have agreed to set up a total of 168 DC charging points. Not only individual charging points, but also larger charging hubs are planned.

By the second quarter, an initial 48 fast and ultra-fast connections are to be put into operation at seven Go’on locations. Assuming that charging stations with two charging points are usually installed, 24 stations at seven locations correspond to an average of 3.4 charging stations per filling station.

In a second phase, a further 60 filling stations are to be equipped with a total of 120 fast and ultra-fast charging points by the end of 2024 – here it will probably be just one column with two charging points per filling station.

Go’on operates a total of 185 filling stations in Denmark – and primarily in smaller towns “where petrol filling stations are less ubiquitous and the infrastructure for electric charging stations is limited or non-existent”, according to Allego. Therefore, the partnership aims to promote fast charging in rural areas and make it easier for electric car drivers there.

“Today, there is a clear challenge for EV drivers who live or visit outlying areas in Denmark in terms of finding a charging station,” says Go’on CEO Mick Kjær. “Therefore, we are delighted with the new collaboration. Together with Allego, we can accelerate the spread of Allego’s advanced fast charging solutions by establishing them at Go’on stations across the country.”

Steven Lau, Allego’s Managing Director for the Nordic region, added: “As the industry transitions to electric, drivers of all vehicle types still require amenities for powering their cars. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to accommodate options for electricity, gasoline, and diesel in one place. Go’on has a far-reaching network, and by collaborating with Allego on the installation of fast and ultra-fast charging solutions at their gas stations, Go’on is demonstrating its dedication to meeting the growing demand for charging infrastructure and supporting sustainable transportation in Denmark.”


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