Mercedes EQA & EQB now available to order in Europe

Mercedes-Benz has opened orders in Europe for the updated versions of the EQA and EQB electric models. The list prices for the new editions of the two electric vehicles presented in August are at a similar level to their predecessors.

Image: Mercedes-Benz

In Germany, they start at 50,777.30 euros for the EQA 250 and 53,514.30 euros for the EQB 250+. The basic prices of all drive variants can be found in the table overview at the end of this article. The new EQA and EQB are scheduled to arrive at European dealers at the beginning of 2024. In addition to the base prices, the surcharges for some features are now known. For example, the trailer coupling, available for the first time in the EQB (for the five-seater), costs 952 euros extra.

The changes in appearance and technology have been known since the presentation in August. As Mercedes now announces for the sales launch, there is also a slightly changed offer logic for the two electric cars: the equipment line “Progressive” is standard, alternatively “Electric Art” and “AMG Line” are available. Functional equipment that is often combined is bundled in up to three packages that build on each other. They are called Advanced, Advanced Plus and Premium packages. In addition, there are further functional options to choose from. With regard to design features such as colours, upholstery, trim parts and wheels, customers can continue to put together their own individual vehicle.

The press release also states that Mercedes-Benz Bank offers “attractive financing and leasing conditions” to private and commercial customers in Germany. However, no example leasing rates are mentioned. On the other hand, the manufacturer mentions a vehicle insurance policy that can be taken out online, including so-called “electric protection”. This also includes “all-risk coverage for the battery” and the charging cable is also insured.


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