Infiniti presents electric sedan concept to launch in 2026

Nissan's luxury subsidiary Infiniti has given a preview of the design of its first all-electric model with the Vision Qe concept car. This is the electric sedan that is due to be launched in 2026.

Image: Infiniti

The study, which was presented in the run-up to the mobility fair in Tokyo (Japan Mobility Show from 26 October to 5 November), is to go into production in 2025 at the Canton plant in the US state of Mississippi. The first deliveries are planned for the following year. Then the production version of the Infiniti Vision Qe is likely to compete with another trade fair premiere from Tokyo: Toyota’s premium brand Lexus has also presented the LF-ZC, a study of an e-sedan that is scheduled to go into production in 2026.

Although production is scheduled to start in about two years, the Japanese are not yet giving any details about the drive and the technology. The premiere in Tokyo is purely a design study. The announcement does not even hint at the technology. Instead, the three Japanese philosophies that inspired the design team are presented in more detail – and the symbolism behind the colours is explained.

The only thing that is clear is that it is a saloon with a steep and long front and an aerodynamically curved roof arch. The wheelbase appears long, the overhangs short – which speaks for a purely electric platform. In terms of design, the light signature at the front is striking. This is a reinterpretation of the brand’s characteristic double-arch grille – this is now represented by shaped lines within the front apron and illuminated by a bright LED outline.

Infiniti also announces an all-electric SUV in the form of the Vision Qxe concept car. However, there is still less information about this vehicle before the show opens than about the electric sedan.

Infiniti wants to electrify “the majority of its global offering” by 2030. In Tokyo, however, a new edition of the large combustion SUV QX80 and a new crossover coupé called QX65 will be presented. (mobility fair), (Vision Qe)


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