Large bidirectional charging park opens in China

In the city of Wuxi in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu, China's largest demonstration zone for the grid integration of electric vehicles was recently put into operation. Currently, electricity from 50 electric vehicles can be fed into the grid at the same time.

Image: State Grid

According to the electricity supplier State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power, owners can receive subsidies for feeding unused energy from their vehicles’ batteries into the grid. However, these subsidies are not described in more detail.

In the second construction phase, the site is to be equipped with charging columns sufficient for charging 144 vehicles and discharging 50 vehicles. A battery replacement service for 400 electric vehicles is also planned.

According to Duan Meimei of the State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Marketing Service Center, the aim is to adjust the electricity load for electric vehicle charging while encouraging electric car owners to sell the electricity stored in their cars’ batteries to the grid during periods of high demand. However, details on the exact incentives for making the sale of electricity attractive are not given in the short report by the Chinese news agency Xinhua.


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