UK: Wine retailer Majestic adds 35 electric vans to its fleet

British wine retailer Majestic wants all its deliveries to be electric from 2030. In a first step, it will add 35 electric Citroen electric vans to its 216-strong van fleet by the end of the year.

Image: Majestic

Specifically, Majestic will use the Citroen e-Berlingo and e-Dispatch models from next year. Initially, the wine retailer wanted to introduce 16 electric vans for the year 2023/24 and emphasises that it is thus surpassing its service.

The goal is to replace all 216 vans with electric ones by the end of the decade. It will reduce the company’s CO2 emissions by 1.2 million kilograms per year, it says.

“As a business, we are determined to grow in an environmentally responsible manner and the transformation of our fleet to fully electric vehicles will slash our carbon emissions by more than 1.2 million kilograms every year,” says Majestic CEO John Colley. However, he said that his company would only be able to do so if he could charge its fleet.

“We can only do [this] with the right infrastructure of electric vehicle chargers in place across the UK, and with cooperation from our landlords to help us to install charging points across our portfolio of stores,” he said.

Majestic operates 207 stores across the UK and says that 60 per cent of its online orders are dispatched from these local shops.,


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