New fast-charging network launches in India

In India, EV charging company ChargeZone has launched what it claims to be the country's first-ever "SuperCharging Network." According to a media report, the first stations with 180 kW and 360 kW (with two and four charging points, respectively) will be commissioned this month.

Image: ChargeZone

In the latter case, each charge point delivers 60 kW at 200 amp. Moreover, the company emphasises that at least one charge point can deliver 400/500 A DC current.

ChargeZone uses liquid cooling for its charging stations. A first for India, the company claims.

The Financial Express reports that the stations are strategically placed along “major highways and within city centres, offering amenities such as washrooms, restaurants, and shopping facilities.”

Kartikey Hariyani, Founder and CEO, ChargeZone told the portal: “We are proactively addressing the escalating need for rapid, efficient charging solutions, both along the highways and within the bustling city hubs as a new generation of EV buses and EV trucks are being launched in the country.”

The network is part of ChargeZone’s strategy to establish over 150 superchargers nationwide. The first supercharging stations will be operational in Mumbai and CCD, Vellore, in November.,


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