New Jersey to set ZEV quota for vehicle manufacturers

New Jersey is adopting a new production quota for vehicle manufacturers, starting from 2027. By then, manufacturer's new vehicle sales are required to have a 43% ZEV share. This will continue to ramp up until 2035, by when it is supposed to reach 100%.

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With the move, New Jersey is joining a growing number of US states that are requiring vehicle manufacturers to make emissions-free vehicles an increasing percentage of their new vehicle sales beginning for the model year 2027, in which a 43% Zero-Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) rate is required. By 2035, the requirement is to ramp up to include a 100% ZEV sales rate.

The rule is phrased so that it does not impose obligations on consumers or car dealers, but focuses on the manufacturers themselves. Specifically, companies manufacturing passenger cars and light-duty trucks will have to meet an annual ZEV requirement intended to increase the percentage of electric vehicles sold in New Jersey. In addition, the ruling is aimed to ensure that ICE vehicles are manufactured to meet more stringent exhaust emission standards, as the entire production lineup has to meet CO2 criteria.

The initiators behind the rule also point out that it is not an ICE ban or will require anything of its consumers, only providing more clean-energy alternatives: “It does not ban gasoline cars, nor does it force consumers to buy EVs. Rather, the rule will provide certainty to vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, utilities, and charging infrastructure companies to make the long-term investments that will be crucial to large-scale deployment of light-duty ZEVs and consumer choice.” This aspect has been very controversial in US American politics.

As outlined in February, Governor Phil Murphy and Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Shawn M. LaTourette now announced the filing of the Advanced Clean Cars II rule for adoption on December 18.

At the announcement of the new rule, New Jersey’s Governor Murphy said: “The steps we take today to lower emissions will improve air quality and mitigate climate impacts for generations to come, all while increasing access to cleaner car choices. Indeed, together with my Administration’s continuing investments in voluntary electric vehicle incentives, charging infrastructure, and the green economy, these new standards will preserve consumer choice and promote affordability for hardworking New Jerseyans across the state.”

In July, the US state also renewed its electric vehicle subsidy programme, which now provides up to $4,000 for vehicles with an MSRP under $45,000 and incentives of up to $1,500 for more expensive cars offered by dealers at prices between $45,001 and $55,000.


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