Lilium clears another hurdle towards European type approval

The Bavarian electric aerial cab company Lilium has received Design Organization Approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). This approval is a key requirement for companies that develop commercial aircraft.

Image: Lilium

This qualifies Lilium to hold a type certificate for an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) in Europe. Lilium itself is seeking a simultaneous type certificate for the Lilium jet in the USA from the FAA. Since Lilium received G-1 certification from the FAA in June, Lilium says it is the only eVTOL company whose aircraft is certified by both EASA and the FAA.

“Simply put, the Design Organization Approval is our license to operate and confirms that Lilium has the organization, procedures, competencies, resources and demonstrated diligence to design and certify aircraft to the highest safety standards,” explains Alastair McIntosh, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Design Organization at Lilium.

“In many respects, today’s announcement marks a cornerstone for Lilium and evidences our market leadership in advancing the aviation industry,” says Lilium CEO Klaus Roewe. “Achieving Design Organization Approval reflects EASA’s confidence in Lilium and differentiates us against others currently pursuing eVTOL development and regulatory approval.”


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