Ekoenergetyka launches new fast-charging station

The Polish company grew its high-power charging portfolio at the London EV Show this week. The debuted Axon Easy 400 delivers up to 400 kW and offers a large advertising display alongside many options.

Image: Ekoenergetyka

Eko says it developed the new Axon Easy 400 based on customer feedback and after having deployed about 4,000 products in the Axon range.

Apart from the advertising screen, the second integrated 10″ touch display with RFID ensures intuitive operation, claiming complete visibility in day/night modes. There is also an integrated payment system.

In operation, particularly with multiple station set-ups (Eko offers up to 6), the Axon 400 offers dynamic load balancing, optimising power distribution. It can deliver 240, 320 or 400 kW DC at a max charging current of up to 500 A.

Customers can further choose between a range of cable lengths from 5.5 to 9.5 metres, including liquid-cooled connectors. All cables retract via the Cable Management System, which keeps them off the ground. In this way, they do not obstruct users during charging and can be easily used by everyone, including individuals with limited mobility, Ekoenergetyka points out.

The Axon Easy 400 is also Plug&Charge ready and compliant with German Eichrecht.

The latter could be an extra selling point for Orlen. Orlen Deutschland intends to expand the number of high-power chargers at its German petrol stations in the coming years. Initially, 434 HPC columns with two plugs each are planned, but how many Ekoenergetyka may supply remains to be seen.

In Poland, over 80 per cent of Orlen’s current charging stations come from Ekoenergetyka, and the company says it has deployed over 8,200 charging solutions globally. Almost half of them are in the Axon line.

ekoenergetyka.com, ekoenergetyka.com (London debut), Orlen info via email.


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