Fiat’s upcoming small electric car is called Pandina

The small electric car planned by Fiat will bear the name Pandina and will be produced on three continents. However, European production will not take place together with the technology donor Citroën ë-C3 in Slovakia.

Image: Fiat

This was confirmed by Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares according to media reports from Serbia. One of the production sites will be the converted Stellantis plant in Kragujevac, Serbia. The Pandina will also be built in Betim (Brazil) and Kentira (Morocco).

For a long time, the electric car announced by Fiat for less than 25,000 euros was considered to be the next Fiat Panda. As it stands, if there are no stricter requirements for the upcoming Euro 7 emissions standard, the combustion Panda could continue to be built until 2027.

The official presentation of the model is planned for July 11, 2024. The small car will be available as both a hybrid and a purely electric model. A base price of around 15,000 euros is expected for the hybrid version, while the BEV version with a range of 200 kilometres will cost from 20,000 euros and with a range of 320 kilometres from 23,000 euros.

These are the exact prices and range figures for the Citroën ë-C3, which is to be delivered from the beginning of next year. Stellantis has optimized its e-CMP platform for the low-cost small electric cars and, above all, reduced costs. It is not surprising that the platform, now called the CMP Smart Car, is being introduced directly in two European plants (Trnava and Kragujevac): shortly after the premiere of the ë-C3 and the CMP Smart Car, it was announced that Stellantis was considering a total of seven models on the platform. According to rumours, the next-generation Opel Crossland will also use this basis and be offered as an affordable electric car alongside the ë-C3 and Fiat Pandina.

Like the Citroën, the Fiat Pandina will be around four meters long, and the design of the B-segment crossover will be based on the Centoventi concept, which was presented at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Even back then, the Centoventi concept gave a glimpse of an electric Panda. So it could be ready in 2024, albeit under a slightly different name.


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