UK consortium researches new way of designing vehicles

A new design process for electric vehicles being developed in the UK should enable more space for batteries without extra weight. To develop these new processes, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has joined forces with battery maker Danecca and Altair, which specialises in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI).

Image: Altair

Altair, JLR, and Danecca have formed a research consortium for its new prototype development process. The consortium has been awarded funding through the UK Faraday Battery Challenge to create the new process leveraging Altair AI technology to develop vehicle prototypes.

JLR is using several Altair products in the project. The luxury carmaker will also apply Altair’s C123 process, a three-stage concept development process for body-in-white structures, and perform optimisation with the company’s FEA solver called OptiStruct as well as Altair’s HyperWorks design and simulation platform.

Royston Jones, senior vice president of automotive Altair, explains, “Altair’s simulation and data analytics tools will enable the consortium to develop a new design process of electric vehicles and batteries, which will help make these vehicles lighter and more energy efficient.”

The three companies already began the project in February this year. While work on the project will be concluded in early 2025, the companies have said they will “continuously explore how to make improvements through simulation after the components for the prototype vehicles have been ordered.”

Just last month, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility (TPEM) and JLR, both of which are wholly owned subsidiaries of Indian automotive giant Tata Motors Limited (TML), signed an agreement to use JLR’s 800V EMA platform. The JLR platform will first be used for the Avinya electric car, which will be expanded into a ‘Premium Pure Electric’ vehicle series.


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