Ubitricity to install on-street chargers in Middlesbrough

Ubitricity has been tasked by the Middlebrough Council to install 160 AC lamp-charging posts in the city. The bollard charging posts will have capacities up to 5 kW.

Image: Ubitricity

Middlesbrough Council has appointed Ubitricity to supply, install and manage up to 160 EV charge points in 90 locations across the town. The charge points will be deployed from January 2024 in a mixture of existing bollards and lampposts across Linthorpe, Newport, Ayresome and the University area, and will charge at speeds of up to 5 kW.

According to Ubitricity, the deployment is the first of its kind in North East England, and kicks off a 15-year contract between Middlesbrough and Ubitricity. The main idea behind the deal is to provide charging opportunities for residents who do not own a driveway of their own, as the bollard-charging posts provide a flexible solution.

“Access to EV charging infrastructure is a vital component in removing the barriers to mass adoption of EVs, and it’s exciting to see towns and cities across the UK working hard to make sure residents and visitors can have convenient access to public charge points,” said Toby Butler, UK Managing Director of Ubitricity, adding: “We’re excited to welcome Middlesbrough to our growing list of council partners across the country, and look forward to laying the groundwork across the town to support residents’ switch to EV.”



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