Public Citizen accuses Toyota of deceptive marketing in the USA

In the USA, the consumer protection organisation Public Citizen has filed a complaint against Toyota with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The complaint accuses Toyota of portraying its hybrid cars as purely electric cars in its advertising - for example by using terms such as "EVs", "electric" or "electrified".

Image: Toyota

Through its marketing campaigns “Beyond Zero”, “Electrified Diversified” and “To Each Their Own Electric” as well as other advertising practices, Toyota is trying to suggest that its hybrid cars are pure electric vehicles, the consumer advocates criticise.

Public Citizen writes: “In the interest of consumers, fair competition, and a livable future that many consumers are trying to promote with their market choices, we urge the FTC to act. The Commission should investigate and take enforcement action against Toyota to end its deceptive marketing.” And it should provide clear guidance in its updated Green Guides that marketing gasoline-powered cars as “EVs,” “electric” or “electrified” is deceptive and prohibited under Section 5 of the FTC Act.,


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