Plugsurfing integrates route planner into its app

The route planning tool is operated by Chargetrip and shows EV drivers the best places to charge at 600,000 charging points in 27 European countries. However, the map only shows fast and HPC charging points.

The approximately 600,000 charging points correspond to the chargers in Europe that are now part of the Plugsurfing network. The company is working with Dutch software specialist Chargetrip to filter out the suitable charging locations for each route. Its algorithm considers up to 15 different parameters that can influence the range of an electric car, “such as road conditions, driving styles, weather, traffic, and elevation.” The route planner is part of the latest app update.

EV drivers first enter their destination in the new tool and then see where they can charge their car along the way. They can select their electric car model in the app and then receive suitable charging options along their route based on the range of their vehicle and the charging status and general condition of the battery.

According to Plugsurfing, the route planner only shows DC or HPC charging points. Charging stations that are out of service are not even displayed. The company explains that users can send the directions to Google or Apple Maps.

“The range of an EV and charging opportunities are all based on context,” says Xenia Antipova, Head of Product at Plugsurfing. “That’s why we chose Chargetrip to power our Route Planner, so our drivers could have the best routing experience on the market.”

“As a long-time Plugsurfing user, it’s exciting to become a part of their great product,” adds Cecile Post, Business Development & Partnerships Manager at Chargetrip. “We share the goal of accelerating electrification and making EV driving and ownership seamless. With the new advanced Route Planner feature, we’re doing just that for a whole lot of EV drivers.”


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