Kempower delivers first Satellite charging solution made in the USA

Kempower North America has completed its first shipment of its new US-manufactured EV charging solution to Alberta, Canada. The solution shipped can provide power to 6 Kempower Satellites, each capable of dynamically dispensing up to 300KW per plug.

Image: Kempower

Kempower produces NEVI-compliant DC fast charging solutions in Durham, North Carolina and in Lahti, Finland, for electric cars, trucks, buses, boats, and machines.

Production in the US only received its official certification in November, however, this is not the first delivery to Canada, as Kempower delivered its ‘Sattelite’ charging system to Electric Circuit in Quebec last September. Production capacities in Europe are also being increased, as a second factory in Norway was announced last summer.

“Even in an area that’s home to the fourth-largest oil reserves in the world; it’s clear that green transportation, particularly an infrastructure of DC-FC EV charging satellites, will no longer be optional,” said Business Development Manager Pascal Flambard, who negotiated the first shipment of EV charging solution to Kempower’s Canadian partners ChargeStop and EVLution.


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