Nio unveils new flagship model ET9

The Nio ET9 is a luxury saloon, around 5.33 metres long and based on a 900-volt platform. It can already be pre-ordered in China for prices starting at 800,000 yuan (around 102,000 euros). Deliveries will begin in the first quarter of 2025.

Image: Nio

The Nio ET9 has two electric motors – an induction asynchronous motor with 180 kW power in the front and a permanent magnet synchronous motor with 340 kW in the rear. That adds up to a combined output of 520 kW or 697 horsepower.

As mentioned above, the ET9 “is equipped with China’s first Full-Domain 900V Architecture, boasting the highest voltage of 925V,” Nio says in its presentation. That means using the appropriate hardware, the 120 kWh batters can be charged with up to 600 kW “and a charging peak current of 765A”. The battery comprises in-house developed large cylindrical 46105 cells with 292 Wh/kg energy density that allow 5C charging. It is thus possible to extend the range by 255 kilometres in five minutes.

Though the automotive company has not yet confirmed it, Chinese media reckons the Nio ET9 will likely feature standard liquid electrolyte NMC batteries like other Nio EVs. Nio did not mention WeLion’s 150 kWh semi-solid state battery (SSB) during the EV’s presentation. Moreover, the carmaker said the latter will only be available under a battery as a service (BaaS) subscription and will not be up for sale.

The new electric model offers four seats and is 5.33 metres long, 2.02 metres wide and 1.62 metres high. The wheelbase is 3.25 metres. The 23-inch wheels have centre-caps that do not move, making the Nio logo visible at all times.

The Nio ET9 is packed with new technology, showcasing what the carmaker has up its sleeve. Nio says the car brings “together over 100 NIO full-stack technologies, including 17 world-first technologies, 52 leading technologies, and 525 patents filed, setting a new technological benchmark for electric vehicles.”

It has three lidars. One is on the top of the windshield, and two are on the vehicle’s sides. The ET9 also comes with Nio’s SkyRide Intelligent Chassis System, integrating steer-by-wire, rear-wheel steering, and full active suspension. Nio says it is “the world’s only driven-by-wire intelligent chassis.”

Moreover, Nio’s new flagship EV has “a self-developed intelligent system, where Nio’s super computing platform Adam 2.0 supports computing functions in six major areas, namely intelligent driving, digital cockpit, intelligent chassis, body, e-powertrain, and cloud.”

The inside features a lot of screens. For one, the EV has digital mirrors. The central control is a 15.6-inch LCD screen, and then there are two 14.6-inch screens, as well as an 8-inch screen on the centre console for the rear passengers.

Speaking of the rear of the car: there are “360-degree versatile tray tables” and even a mini fridge. The seats can be reclined up to 45 degrees, ensuring optimal comfort, as the “Nio ET 9 is designed specifically for the new generation of high-end business users, offering a sophisticated, comfortable, and safe smart electric executive flagship.”

As with all other Nio models, the battery is replaceable. At the event, Nio also presented its fourth-generation battery exchange station and a 640 kW charging station for this purpose. According to the carmaker, the PSS 4.0 is compatible with multiple brands and reduces the overall swapping time by 22 per cent. Nio wants to build 1,000 Power Swapping Stations in 2024 and 20,000 chargers.,,


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