Komatsu launches electric excavator

In January, the Japanese construction machinery manufacturer Komatsu is bringing the PC138E-11 electric excavator to its customers as a rental machine - initially in Japan and then also in Europe. According to the company, the 13-tonne machine is particularly suitable for urban construction.

Image: Komatsu

The electric motor of the PC138E-11 has an output of 72.5 kW. Thanks to a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 225.6 kWh and a cooling system for the battery and electrical components, long operating times are possible with this short-tail excavator, Komatsu writes in its press release. However, the manufacturer does not provide any more precise details.

But it does point to other advantages. The vehicle measures 7,970 mm in length, is 2,490 mm wide and 3,005 mm high. According to Komatsu, the compact dimensions of the machine allow it to be used on many different construction sites. For example, in urban construction where space is limited.

Furthermore, the use of machines without combustion engines naturally reduces construction site noise, which also increases safety on the construction site. Komatsu writes that this allows the operator “to communicate easily with employees outside the machine during operation and thus carry out safe and precise work”. In addition, the vibration level is low and the ambient air does not overheat excessively, resulting in a more comfortable working environment.

Like other Komatsu machines, the PC138E-11 features Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance. This is a display system that allows a 2D or 3D display to be set up “and customised to each customer’s machine configuration and operating conditions”.

Komatsu plans to rent the electric excavator “to a variety of customers, with different machine operating conditions and power supply sources, use this machine as a rental machine so that they should be able to experience its environmental friendliness and safety”. The company’s goal is to build a market for electric construction machinery and achieve CO2 neutrality by 2050.


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