Smatrics EnBW aims to build 200 HPCs in Austria by 2024

The joint venture Smatrics EnBW has announced the construction of 200 new HPC charging points in Austria with a capacity of up to 400 kW for the current year. These are to be installed along the road network and at urban supermarket car parks.

Image: Smatrics

According to Smatrics EnBW, the expansion hotspots will be located along the west and south motorways. The first large, partly covered fast-charging parks are scheduled to go into operation in 2024: In Innermanzing (Lower Austria) and Regau and Vorchdorf (Upper Austria), charging parks with 16 fast-charging points each will be built. Another fast-charging park with twelve charging points will be added in Spielberg (Styria).

“E-mobility has long been suitable for everyday use,” says joint venture CEO Thomas. “Further expansion requires not only fast-charging infrastructure along highways, but also in retail and in cities. We are therefore expanding our services to other regions and additional areas.” The advantage of combining shopping and charging is obvious: car drivers can conveniently charge while they shop.

Smatrics EnBW is thus continuing its collaboration with retailers. As part of the cooperation with the REWE Group in Austria, up to 120 more charging points will be added to the existing 70 charging points at Billa, Billa Plus and Penny by 2025. Smatrics EnBW also plans to significantly expand its charging network next year with other retail partners, including Bauhaus Austria and Metro.

In addition to charging facilities for cars, charging points for lorries are also to be created at locations with “sufficient space” from 2024. In principle, new charging locations away from conurbations will be supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Protection via the charging infrastructure promotion programme LADIN.

Meanwhile, the electricity mix at the charging points is to remain unchanged in the next expansion stage: Smatrics EnBW is known to rely on green electricity from Verbund.


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