Onsemi adds new SiC semiconductors to portfolio

US semiconductor manufacturer Onsemi announces the availability of nine new versions of its EliteSiC PIMs that enable bidirectional charging for DC ultra-fast EV chargers and energy storage systems. The technology is more efficient purely silicon-based semiconductors.

Image: Onsemi

According to the company, the silicon carbide-based solutions can help reduce the cost of IGBT power modules, as they are more efficient. They feature simple cooling mechanisms to help reduce the size of the modules by 40 per cent and the weight by 52 per cent compared to traditional silicon-based IGBT solutions.

All modules use Gen3 M3S SiC MOSFET technology. Compared to purely silicon-based semiconductors, the SiC MOSFETs switch more efficiently, directly reducing power consumption. The EliteSiC Power Integrated Modules (PIM) support a scalable output power from 25 kW to 100 kW, “enabling multiple DC fast charging and energy storage systems platforms including bidirectional charging,” the company writes in its statement.

Osemi’s growing portfolio gives “designers the flexibility to pick the right PIM for power conversion stages in their DC fast charging or energy storage system applications,” the company says. Moreover, it will make its piecewise linear electrical circuit simulation (PLECS) model generator and application simulations available to designers to help accelerate the design cycle.

Onsemi signed several supply agreements with major companies in the automotive industry last year. These include German OEMs Volkswagen and BMW, supplier Vitesco, Stellantis Group and Geely’s Chinese brand Zeekr. Austrian-based automotive supplier Magna also announced that it will be integrating SiC semiconductors from the US-American manufacturer.


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Where will these be built?

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