Here announces more accurate range forecasts

The map and navigation provider Here wants to enable electric car manufacturers to make more accurate range predictions. The 'Here EV Range Factors' system that has now been announced is intended to incorporate numerous values in order to achieve a more accurate prediction of the remaining range.

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As Here announced on the occasion of the premiere of ‘Here EV Range Factors’ at the CES in Las Vegas, car manufacturers should be able to use the system by “enhancing the accuracy and reliability of the vehicle’s on-route range predictions” and further alleviate customers’ range anxiety. This is because, according to Here, current systems are “mainly based on historical data from previous journeys and do not take into account real-time and predictive effects that may or may not occur during the driver’s journey”. In other words, some dynamic factors in the range calculation are not adequately captured, making the forecast inaccurate.

Here wants to change this from mid-2024 with “EV Range Factors”. The eponymous factors that are to be included in future include road topography, temperature and wind data. Although certain topographical data and (historical) average speeds are already taken into account in the calculation, Here wants to become much more accurate in this area.

In future, accurate maps will be used in 60 countries to “help the vehicle understand changes to upcoming road elevation, slope, curvature and roughness”. Predictive outside temperatures and data on the surface temperature of the road should also be reflected in a much more accurate result. In addition, the prediction of wind speed and direction close to the road surface will also be taken into account. The temperature and wind coverage is not initially planned for all 60 countries, but primarily for Europe and North America.

“We’re excited to introduce location technology designed to address the complexities of on-route battery range calculations for electric vehicles,” said Christopher Handley, Vice President of Dynamic Spatial Content at Here Technologies. “By providing crucial data on road characteristics, temperature, and wind, we’re focused on providing drivers with the confidence and information they need for a hassle-free journey.”

A year ago, Here presented a system called ‘Charge Point Occupancy Prediction’ at CES, which is designed to predict the availability of charging stations for electric cars worldwide.


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