Ree Automotive starts deliveries of its P7-C electric chassis cab

The Israeli start-up Ree Automotive announced that it has started handing over its newest electric truck to customers. The vehicle also received FMVSS and EPA certification in the US, making it eligible for US subsidies of up to $100,000.

Image: Ree Automotive

Ree says the first batch of demonstration trucks is on its way to its authorised dealers and “leading fleets” in North America. The vehicle is based on the company’s P7 platform and uses the ‘Ree Corner‘ drive modules. According to the manufacturer, it “integrates all critical vehicle components (steering, braking, suspension, powertrain, and control) into a single compact module between the chassis and the wheel.”

According to the manufacturer, the P7-C electric chassis cab is the first steer-by-wire, brake-by-wire, and drive-by-wire vehicle to receive certification from the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). That makes the truck eligible for the Commercial Clean Vehicle Tax Credit of up to 40,000 dollars. Ree says it is “also in the process of initiating eligibility for various state incentives,” so customers could benefit from up to 100,000 dollars in incentives when buying a P7-C electric ruck.

“I am incredibly proud of the team at REE for completing certification of the automotive industry’s first ever fully x-by-wire vehicle,” says Daniel Barel, CEO and co-founder of REE Automotive. “Our customers have been eagerly waiting for our vehicles to be ready to deliver and now our first demo trucks are on their way to dealerships for customer evaluations.”

The P7C qualifies as a US Class 4 chassis cab. It has a gross vehicle weight of 8 tonnes with a payload of 3.5 tonnes. It has a 400-volt battery system and can charge with 22 kW AC and up to 100 kW DC. The maximum speed is 75 mph (121 kmh), and the vehicle can go up to 240 kilometres on one charge.

Update 26 March 2024

Ree Automotive has now also received two certifications from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for the above-described P7-C electric chassis cab: the Phase 2 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) certification (covering the entire vehicle) and the new Zero Emission Powertrain (ZEP) certification.

Thanks to these certifications, the P7-C electric chassis cab is eligible for several state incentives in California. According to the Israeli manufacturer, the state incentives “combined with federal can total over 100,000 dollars per vehicle depending on customer location.”

“Being CARB certified unlocks many doors for us and for our customers as we can now sell in California, and I am excited for our California dealers as they start to receive their Powered by REE trucks,” said Daniel Barel, CEO and co-founder of REE Automotive. “This is an important milestone since now Powered by REE vehicles can receive more than $100,000 incentive funding which makes it even easier for fleets to electrify. We believe that this cost savings, combined with our REEcorner and x-by-wire technology’s ability to lower total cost of ownership, will boost even further the strong demand we see for our P7 lineup.”, (update)


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