Atlantic Aviation & partners to set up charging stations at US airports

In the USA, aviation service provider Atlantic Aviation is joining forces with three developers of electric air cabs to set up charging stations for them at airports.

Image: Beta Technologies

For the initiative together with Joby Aviation and Archer, the initial focus is on building charging infrastructure in New York and Los Angeles. San Francisco and Miami are also part of the focus with Archer. The partnership with Beta Technologies is targeting the East and Gulf Coasts. While Archer and Beta are working together on the CCS standard, Joby has developed its own standard with the Global Electric Aviation Charging System (GEACS).

The GEACS system is currently installed at two test locations at the Edwards Air Force Base and Joby’s flight testing facility in Marina, California. To achieve interoperability, Joby is working with numerous electric aircraft developers.

“As a premier FBO company, Atlantic Aviation has a strong pulse on the needs of the market and a long history of innovating to meet demand,” said Nate Ward, BETA Technologies head of Charge Network Development. “Over the past several years, BETA has been focused on deploying a reliable, well-distributed network of fast chargers to enable the entire advanced air mobility industry, and we are aligned with the team at Atlantic on our mission. This collaboration represents an important step in growing a network across North America, and we look forward to working together to bring this vision to fruition.”

“These initial eVTOL vertiport locations will provide a launching pad for future expansion across Atlantic’s portfolio and ensure that our Midnight aircraft has safe, centrally located landing facilities for our future passengers,” said Nikhil Goel, chief commercial officer of Archer.

JoeBen Bivert added: “Through more than 30,000 miles of all-electric vertical flight with full-scale prototype aircraft, our team has fine-tuned a ground support system that allows for the simultaneous recharging of multiple battery packs, external coolant exchange, and secure data offload after flight – making it suitable for all electric aircraft.”, (Archer), (Joby), (Beta)


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