Newcomer Nima expands HPC network in the Nordics

Nima Energy is setting out to build over 1,000 high-power charging stations across the Nordics over the next three years. The network is already well underway in its home country, Sweden, fuelled by capital injections of its principal investor Niam.

Image: Nima Energy

Nima Energy currently targets installing 150 HPC stations connecting the capital of Stockholm to Skåne in the south of the country. This corridor is the start of a network of over a thousand charge points, all capable of delivering 300 – 400 kW of power, enough to charge up to 300 km in 15 minutes. It is still being determined whether Nima manufactures the columns or more likely relies on rolling out white-label products.

As for pricing and accessibility, Nima takes a competitive approach and charges SEK 4.50 per kWh (€0.39), regardless of whether drivers tap a debit card, pay via phone or Nima’s app or use AutoCharge.

“We want to be a counterpoint to today’s high prices for fast EV charging by offering ultra-fast and convenient charging at a price that we believe makes it easier and more affordable to drive an electric vehicle – SEK 4.50 per kWh,” explains Marcus Landelin, CEO of Nima Energy. “Public fast charging at a good price is especially important for EV owners without access to night-time charging and commercial transport such as taxis,” he added, which is most likely the case in Stockholm.

Nima is already building 50 charging points in the capital’s centre and says twelve will be completed shortly and the others by the summer. These are part of the network of said 150 ultra-rapid charging points connecting drivers from Stockholm to Skåne – the county of its headquarters.

Last December, the company also opened three new charging sites with a total of 24 charging points in Skillingaryd along the E4, in Håby along the E6, and in Vä along the E22.

But Nima is taking a more expansive view. The company plans to install 1,250 charging points across the Nordics by the end of 2026.

Niam Infrastructure will finance the installation but has not disclosed the value of its involvement. The company generally invests in Nordics and Northern Europe assets, focusing on real estate and infrastructure.

As for Nima, the Niam Infra Fund took a minority stake in Nima in 2022 and injected additional capital last year and increased its ownership stake in Nima from 15 to 23 per cent.

“Our collaboration with Nima is entirely in line with our focus on sustainable infrastructure projects in the Nordic region,” says Sverker Åkerblom, Niam’s CEO. He added that focusing on ultra-fast charging at strategic locations in Sweden was “crucial to accelerate the electrification of the vehicle fleet”.

“It feels great to see the result of the collaboration with our partner and co-owner Niam Infrastructure in the form of a number of opened sites,” says Marcus Landelin, CEO of Nima. “Thanks to our joint efforts, we continue our expansion and thus take a number of steps towards our objective to become one of the leading EV Charge Point Operators for ultra-fast charging in the Nordic region.”

Nima Energy was founded in 2020 in Malmö, southern Sweden.,


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