BYD to boost Tang range and charging capacities

BYD plans to launch a revised version of its Tang electric SUV in Germany in the second quarter of 2024, which will offer more battery capacity and higher charging power, among other things. The model is currently available from just 55,700 euros thanks to a discount campaign by the Chinese manufacturer.

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According to the news agency dpa, the BYD Tang is getting a facelift. The most important improvements: The battery capacity increases from 86 to 108 kWh and the WLTP range thus from 400 to 530 kilometres. The manufacturer has improved the AC charging capacity from 7 to 11 kW. And in future, up to 190 kW will be possible at DC charging points instead of 120 kW. The prices of the revised Tang are not yet known. BYD is currently offering massive discounts on some of its electric models in Germany – in the case of the Tang, it is 13,923 euros, meaning that the electric SUV is currently available from 55,692 euros.

The Tang, which is aimed at the luxury class, is the most expensive BYD model in Germany. However, with a regular price of 69,615 euros, it was already comparatively affordable for a seven-seater premium SUV. No other OEM in the electric luxury class is fishing in this price segment, as we already established in our driving report on the Chinese electric models Han and Tan. However, buyers have also had to make concessions. The DC peak power is currently only 120 kW, which means a 30-minute break with a charging window of 30 to 80 per cent. The 7 kW AC is also low for a premium model. The battery capacity of 86 kWh and the associated range of 400 kilometres don’t particularly stand out in the class, however.

However, BYD is now working on all of these points. According to dpa, the chassis has also been improved: “Active dampers with variable damping force are now being used. This should allow the Tang to adapt better to the driving style and road conditions,” it says. The all-wheel drive engine output of 380 kW and a top speed of 180 km/h remain the same.

It is quite possible that the Han electric saloon will also receive a facelift. This is because the technical basis of Han and Tang is identical: both have all-wheel drive, a blade battery with LFP cells (with slightly different capacities of 85.4 kWh and 86.4 kWh respectively) and both are based on combustion models and are almost five meters long (Han: 4.99 m, Tang: 4.87 m). (in German)


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